Projektwoche London

Bild: Matthias Kull

Anfang Mai 2017 war die G2D mit Katrin Eckert in einer Projektwoche in London und hat  Tagebuch geführt:

>>> 4.5.2017 Journey to London / Matthias Kull Download PDF

>>> Hostel London / Simon Häfliger Download PDF

>>> Interview with Urs Bielmann / Fabio Rocchinotti Download PDF

>>> Following Sherlock’s footsteps / Dana Moser Download PDF

>>> The guided tour at the globe / Sara Kleiber Download PDF

>>> The next Ed Sheeran? / Annina Emmenegger Download PDF

>>> Busker’s code / Gabriel Fedeli Download PDF

>>> Food you should not miss / Simon Huber Download PDF

>>> Louise Bourgeois : making and re-making / Lilith Klaus Download PDF

>>> Architecture / Marielle Lüthy Download PDF

>>> What I never would have expected / Aniella Carina Koch Download PDF

>>> Interview with tourists / Ayca Yalcin Dowload PDF

>>> Stereotypes of GB / Céline Getzmann Download PDF

>>> Only Sherlock-Scheuble could figure this out / Anna Barten Download PDF

>>> Shocking attack in London / Lucia Bertschmann Download PDF

>>> Chelsea FC / Christian Reipen Download PDF

>>> London discovery / Teng Enn Wong Download PDF

>>> Inequality in the art world / Stefani Sedloska Download PDF

>>> A close to perfect trip back / Ainhoa Mendez Dowload PDF